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Owners, please take a moment to look at our packages that are designed to guarantee you a quick and painless way to rent your timeshare. Why waste the week, or give it away for nothing when you can recoup some or most of your yearly fees? Why not list it with and at the same time turn somebody on to the wonderful world of vacation ownership? All it takes is about ten minutes of you time, after that, we'll do the rest.

For a marginal  fee, we will list your week for you on various high traffic timeshare related web sites, saving you considerable time and effort. Our pricing is easy to understand and provides you, the timeshare owner, with revenue that was often lost in the past. 

Package Pricing and Options


Consignment Option

Available to those owners who want to list their timeshare vacation week with more than 60 days before your check in date. Tropical Stays will list your week on as many sites as necessary (eBay included) to procure a sale. We will absorb all the up front and listing expenses, and are entitled to 30% of the final rental price, plus all payment related expenses. This may include eBay final value fees, paypal fees and transfer fees.

Fast Track Option 

Simply tell us what you'd like to receive for your week and we'll take the reservation off your hands. If the week fails to rent, we'll absorb the loss. No Cost to you, period.

To continue, click here, and you will be directed to our registration page. Once you complete and submit the form we will get to work to renting your week.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AND WANT TO SPe for EAK TO AN OPERATOR DIRECTLY, CALL US TOLL FREE AT 1 800 696 1215 During Business hours (9 to 5  Monday - Friday )

This is NOT a solicitation to visit a timeshare and does NOT require a tour.

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