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About was founded in 2006 by timeshare owners who were frustrated at the hassles and expenses of the exchange process.

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Any timeshare owner who has placed an exchange knows what a time consuming and tedious process it can be, not to mention the unwanted stress of waiting for your request to be filled. You're forced to put your much anticipated and much needed vacation on hold until your request is filled, if it's filled at all. Often, you're asked to give the exchange companies a choice consisting of several resorts for a period of 4 or more weeks. That's a choice? And for all that, we pay the exchange companies for the privilege! The way the system is now makes it almost impossible to plan your annual vacation where and when you want.

Now you can search for your dream vacation at your leisure, and not have to deal with the whole exchange thing. But the problem often arises, What to do with I week I currently own ? Your current week is of value, you know that. You've used it for years and loved it, but for whatever reason, you can't use it this year. Let take care of that for you.You can concentrate your valuable time booking the vacation that you can use.

In the meantime will list your vacation and do our absolute best to rent your week. Depending on how much advance time is provided, you'll often offset the price of your holiday. At we're timeshare owners with the knowledge and expertise to successfully list and rent your unused weeks.

This is NOT a solicitation to visit a timeshare and does NOT require a tour.

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