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Please carefully read the terms and conditions below. Agree to the terms by submitting when you are comfortable with the terms, and you will directed to the registration page. If you have questions before listing with, please use the contact page to express them.

I agree as a renter from to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • Assert that I have a major credit or debit card that may be required at time of check in from the resort itself (usually for the purpose of room charges, incidentals and damage caused to the property)

  • Assert that I, as the renter, am over the age of 21

  • Will check out when their rental week is concluded according to the terms of the resort

  • Will not be entitled to a refund for early check out, or late arrival

  • Understand that the rental is non refundable and non transferable once the reservation has been confirmed by

  • Will comply with the resorts restrictions concerning occupancy of the room(s).

  • I will hold  harmless if the resort  charges extra or refuses quarter if the room(s) was over occupied or rented under false pretenses.

  • Will use common sense in regards to the general policies that most hotels and resorts adhere too, and to abide by those policies ...i.e. pool’s hours and rules, noise levels, pet restrictions, etc…

  • Have done my due diligence before renting this week on the resort property itself, and are making an informed decision in regards to the resort that I am about to visit and the room that I am going to occupy.

  • Understand that to cancel my reservation once confirmed, may result in complete loss of my deposit or any funds I have paid toward my vacation.

I Agree to the Above Terms and Conditions

I Have Questions

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